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Is a career in Strategy & Consulting right for you?

  • Can you see the big picture without missing the details?
  • Can you find a strategic solution to any problem?
  • Do you have the knowledge and insight to advise industry leaders?
  • Can you see ways to get ahead of the competition?
  • Are you good at listening and understanding competing perspectives?
  • Do you have specialist knowledge of, or experience in, a specific industry?


We don't expect you to tick all these boxes the moment you arrive - but these are the kind of skills that make a great consultant. We’re looking for people who can help us to discover and leverage competitive advantages. The real game-changers. Does that sound like you? Keep reading to find out if a role in Strategy & Consulting is a fit!


Preaching agile all the way

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"Love Life" to the fullest!

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Next destination: passport-free flying

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The challenge-seeking deal junkie

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Speak up about what's best for you

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