with us

Hi, we are Accenture's recruiters!

If you prefer to go through the process independently, no problem. But you don't need to figure it out on your own - we can always help you if you're unsure about anything.

We can help you with:

  • Getting practical help with the application process
  • Finding out more about the world of Accenture
  • Getting advice about roles that fit your unique set of skills

There are many ways for you to start a conversation with us: you can meet us in person, ask your questions via our website, follow us on social media or just give us a call. So please feel free to get in touch!

  • Puck Becht

    Head of Talent Acquisition NL

  • Annick Van Kerkum

    Recruitment lead - Technology & Operations

  • Wieke Agricola

    Corporate recruiter Strategy & Consulting and Industry X

  • Lisette Werkmann

    Corporate recruiter Sales, Song and Strategy & Consulting

  • Leonie Lugtenberg

    Corporate Recruiter Technology & Corporate Functions

  • Dorine Hogendorp

    Recruitment lead graduate recruitment / Corporate recruiter Technology

  • Erwin van der Laan

    Corporate Recruiter Operations & Global Functions

  • Niels Rijsewijk

    Corporate recruiter Technology

  • Iris Jansen

    Recruitment lead Strategy & Consulting / Corporate recruiter Strategy & Consulting

  • Sjaariefa Dijker

    Corporate Recruiter Technology

  • Charlotte van Monsjou

    Corporate recruiter Song and Strategy & Consulting

  • Ioana Mădălina Nistor

    Corporate Recruiter Operations & Global Functions

  • Ezra Lammers

    Campus recruiter Technology

  • Tania Dinita

    Campus recruiter Strategy & Consulting

  • Alexandra Cocea

    Campus recruiter Technology & Industry X

  • Maria-Adriana Dincu

    Stage recruiter Technology