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We're really proud of the work we do at Accenture. We work with leading companies from a wide range of industries, exploring the future challenges of business and developing cutting-edge solutions that can be relied on. You can read about some of our recent projects on this page.

If you want a more in-depth look at what we're working on, take a look here instead.

Our people make a difference. Meet some of our colleagues and their stories below, those who make Accenture the thriving company that it is.

  • When a plan comes together

    "I’m the only person at Accenture who’s in a wheelchair. Even though it’s a permanent part of my life, the wheelchair doesn’t...

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  • Faster, Harder, Better, Crazier

    'What I really hate is letting myself down; it’s my biggest fear to not exceed my own expectations.' This is the portrait of...

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  • I want to be a Managing Director

    ‘When I tell people I am a Salesforce consultant, they often wonder if it’s very technical or, even worse, very boring. But,...

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  • Always Look at the Bigger Picture

    In 2017, Sander van der Heijden, MD Chemicals & Natural Resources, was invited to become part of the Netherlands Leadership...

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  • Looking Forward to Another Adventure

    'If you have a good idea, leadership will enable you – making you feel that everything is possible.’ This is the portrait of...

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  • Solving complex problems to create something new

    ‘What I love most about solving complex problems is the ability to create something new... Good code gives you the God f...

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  • Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience

    Laura van der Hurk has a natural interest in getting to know people, has worked in a refugee camp in Lesbos and is convinced...

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  • Becoming a Manager Never Occurred to Me

    How many 37-year-old grandfathers do you know? Not many, right? Meet Harm Jan Nijlunsing, Manager Digital Interactive and...

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  • Always Be Yourself

    Senior Manager Javier Leonor mentions that his personal approach is what sets him apart from other managers."Being able to...

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