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We're really proud of the work we do at Accenture. We work with leading companies from a wide range of industries, exploring the future challenges of business and developing cutting-edge solutions that can be relied on. You can read about some of our recent projects on this page.

If you want a more in-depth look at what we're working on, take a look here instead.

Our people make a difference. Meet some of our colleagues and their stories below, those who make Accenture the thriving company that it is.

  • A Beta with Alpha Aspirations

    At age 18, SAP Consultant Ruurd Feitsma and two friends 'road tripped' through Europe for three months: a life-changing...

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  • Seeing the robot work was amazing!

    Dayenne Gouverneur figured that the RPA traineeship would prove invaluable professionally while also helping her to further...

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  • I hope to empower those around me

    Shruti Pathania has overcome quite some hurdles in both her private and professional life. Learn more about what life lessons...

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  • There is more to life than work!

    On a Windy day, don’t be surprised if Youri de Koster closes his laptop early, leaves the building to grab his kitesurfing g...

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  • Applying tech to boost brand experience

    We worked together with Red Bull to develop an app leveraging the latest technologies that enhance the user experience for...

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  • Reducing travel stress with a chatbot

    Check out how we helped build Carla, an Avianca-branded Facebook chatbot, using the latest in artificial intelligence...

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  • Going beyond GDPR compliance with Bonnier

    Achieving GDPR compliance for each one of Bonnier’s 180 companies separately was extremely costly - the group needed to find...

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  • Reinventing customer service

    Reliable and consistent connectivity is key for today’s digital customers and when this goes wrong, they want their provider...

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  • Thinking beyond compliance

    Our society and economy are becoming increasingly dependent on networks systems, which leads to an increase in risk regarding...

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