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We're really proud of the work we do at Accenture. We work with leading companies from a wide range of industries, exploring the future challenges of business and developing cutting-edge solutions that can be relied on. You can read about some of our recent projects on this page.

If you want a more in-depth look at what we're working on, take a look here instead.

Our people make a difference. Meet some of our colleagues and their stories below, those who make Accenture the thriving company that it is.


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  • Anyone with enough ambition can work at Accenture

    Anyone with enough ambition can work at Accenture

    Having completed secondary vocational education, Danielle de Ree didn’t follow what she considers to be the ordinary route towards a career at Accenture. Sometimes this makes her a little worried that people might think she’s not fit for a job at such a high-profile company.

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  • Paving the future of consumer brands

    Paving the future of consumer brands

    In light of preparations for a new product launch, Accenture and Qualcomm worked together with Kellogg's to develop a VR solution that provided in-depth knowledge into consumer purchasing behavior.

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  • Fast-track to innovation

    Fast-track to innovation

    Accenture and Faurecia are collaborating to help bolster innovation to find sustainable solutions that will shape the future of the automotive industry.

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  • The joy of the unplanned

    The joy of the unplanned

    At 56 years old, Floris van den Dool reckons he is one of the oldest staff members at Accenture Netherlands. However, when he recently ran the Amsterdam half marathon with 20 of his colleagues, that didn’t stop him from beating out a bunch of the others.

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  • Preaching agile all the way

    Preaching agile all the way

    Science or technology: which one was it going to be? It took a while before Gijs van Malsen (30) knew the answer to that question. Today, he applies technology and the agile approach not only in his work as IT Transformation Consultant, but also in his personal life.

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  • A great future for RPA

    A great future for RPA

    Born and raised in Sweden, Heather moved to Australia to study at the age of 23. It was a life-changing experience. After graduating with her Master’s in Psychology, she ended up working in IT, a move that turned out to be just as life-changing.

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  • It's a war out there

    It's a war out there

    Joe Shenouda was an inexperienced nine-year old who used existing scripts and codes to hack into computer systems - until one day he found himself with access to the Indonesian United Nations network. There and then he understood the true impacts and dangers of hacking, and found his future career.

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  • The Ultimate Synthesis of Design and Development

    The Ultimate Synthesis of Design and Development

    Owing to his dad’s career and tendency to get itchy feet, Prakhar's family moved between eighteen different houses in three different countries. Uninterested in following his dad's footsteps, he decided to write his own history - wherever that would be.

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  • Going Back to My Roots

    Going Back to My Roots

    ‘We’re like a start-up within a global company that employs nearly 400,000 people – how cool is that? Starting from scratch is simultaneously a challenge and an exciting adventure.' This is the portrait of Sjoerd Daniels, Senior Manager at Accenture Technology Services.

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  • Things needed to change

    Things needed to change

    Two years ago, Michael Teichmann was a very different person. Learn more about how Michael's new perspective has made his life and job much more interesting.

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