Going beyond GDPR compliance with Bonnier

Challenge: GDPR deadline and 180 companies - can we find a unified approach?

Bonnier AB is a large media group with operations in more than 10 countries. Each of its 180 companies manages its operations and IT systems independently, and the group’s enterprise data is also spread across disparate systems.

So, when new GDPR laws were introduced in 2018 the company faced a huge challenge. With high fines for non-compliance (up to 4 percent of annual global turnover or €20 million, whichever is greater), Bonnier needed to be GDPR-ready in time. But, the prospect of achieving compliance for each one of Bonnier’s 180 companies separately was extremely costly. The group needed to find another approach.

Our Solution: automatic data discovery and powerful reporting tools

Accenture’s solution, developed at the Accenture Innovation Hub in Bangalore, India, uses advanced pattern-matching and machine learning techniques to automatically discover personal data across Bonnier’s siloed systems. The solution also creates Knowledge Graphs that provide insights into relationships within the data. Armed with these insights, Bonnier is not only able to achieve GDPR compliance, but can also identify new business opportunities from its data as well as spot and correct process inefficiencies. And, as GDPR is not a "one-and-done" exercise but a continuous commitment, the solution provides Bonnier the powerful reporting tools it needs to maintain consistent compliance.

By bringing together the business’s disparate data and deploy a machine-led compliance solution for GDPR, we were able to help two of Bonnier’s key business units achieve compliance at a speed and scale orders of magnitude greater than a manual process could achieve.

Bonnier is not only able to achieve GDPR compliance, but can also identify new business opportunities from its data

Results: compliance is not the only benefit

By implementing pattern-matching and machine learning in the right way, we gave Bonnier’s data controllers the capability to do so much more with the information they have. The wide-ranging benefits delivered by our solution included:

  • Achieving GDPR compliance across Bonnier’s 180 companies
  • The ability to scan personal data at speed and scale, throughout the data life cycle
  • Powerful visualizations of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) using Knowledge Graphs
  • Deep data insights, which can support new offerings and promotions, help to reduce operational inefficiencies and identify new revenue sources.

These kinds of advantages can make all the difference in the modern business landscape. Thanks to Accenture’s expertise and insight, Bonnier has transformed a compliance-led data program into a source of competitive differentiation.

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