Data-driven approach scores big with Adidas

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Big data availability and applicability lead in the digital era and are vital in driving competitiveness at numerous companies. Emerging tech like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics has been widely applied within e-commerce, boosting the customer experience, and driving bottom-line growth. Find out more about how Accenture Interactive helped Adidas improve their customer experience.

How to harness the power of ‘test and learn’.

Adidas continues to be a leader in the sports apparel industry since its birth over 90 years ago - and has been applying A/B testing principles on its e-commerce properties for a while. However, the company recognized that this was only the beginning of a journey to extensive testing, continual tweaking, and iteration of its platform.

Adidas engaged with our team at Accenture Interactive to help take their test-and-learn program to the next level. Accenture Interactive is a new breed of agency that combines the best of a business consultancy with a creative agency - all powered by a technology powerhouse. We enable companies to design, build, and run the best experiences on the planet.

Please continue reading to discover how our consultants worked together with Adidas to drive business results through data experimentation and testing.

How did we help tackle this challenge?

To apply data insights and obtain tangible business results, we partnered with Adidas to develop a scalable process to unlock enterprise-wide experimentation. Together, Adidas now relies on the power of iterative testing to improve customer experience and successfully scale the business both on a global scale and across international units and teams. Ranging from UX and UI improvements to site features improving localization efforts, Adidas embraces a culture of testing and optimization as a means to overcome its biggest digital challenges.

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Are you interested in an example of what these experiments entail? Below is a brief look at some of the work in action.

Proving the ROI of SaaS via Testing

When it comes to e-commerce and optimizing platforms, there are thousands of software as a service (SaaS) vendors promising ROI when applying their tools. Hence, it may often be a discouraging task to identify the solutions that provide the best results - those that really offer substantial growth. To help identify and smooth the process of selecting valuable partners, we launched the Adidas Innovation Program - made to evaluate the potential SaaS partners via testing, and using data to prove impact. 


The Adidas team needed a foolproof way to evaluate a SaaS vendor that would enable their ability to offer free 2-day shipping and returns.


By offering free 2-day shipping to mobile visitors, we believe we'll increase the incentive to buy. If we are right, then the overall order conversion rate and revenue will increase.


This change led to a +4.00% increase in order conversion rate. Also, over 70% of visitors who converted would not have otherwise ordered. It all translates into millions in revenue annually.

Scaling experimentation across the company

Our team worked with Adidas to develop and scale a process for enterprise-wide experimentation across the full digital funnel, including the home page, search, product display pages, and checkout to increase not only conversions but also customer lifetime value (CLTV). Making sure Adidas' performance continually serves its customer, we co-created and launched the Adidas Innovation Program - designed with the specific purpose of evaluating potential Software as a service (SaaS) partners. By assessing the proof-of-concept and results - using accurate and consistent metrics - the Adidas team could tap into new services on - and drive bottom-line growth.

"With the help of Accenture, we have been able to provide a better experience for our customers through constant testing and experimentation."
Dan McCauley, Head of Ecommerce, Adidas

Using experimentation to score with customers

By co-creating with Adidas, the team now leverages the power of interactive testing to improve customer experience and successfully scale business across global units. From user experience and user interface improvements to site features and localization efforts. To overcome its biggest digital challenges, Adidas embraces a culture of testing and optimization. Adidas's test-and-learn approach to maintaining a modern and continually evolving relationship with its customers helps them win big - on the court, on the field, and online. 

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