Cloud helps Carlsberg brew up innovation

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Many traditional companies face substantial pressure to innovate, urging them to evolve. To offer customers and consumers a smoother experience, they need to modernize their business. But how? Accenture helps companies to drive and transform their business and remain relevant in the future. Find out more about how Accenture Technology helped Carlsberg transition to the cloud and transform into an agile enterprise.  

What's the challenge at hand?

The company size can often present a significant challenge to overcome. First, there is a need to deliver excellent experiences at an unprecedented scale across all traditional and digital channels. At the same time, companies must remain agile enough to face the entry of new dynamic players.

Accenture partnered up with Carlsberg to help provide an answer to this challenge: by creating a cloud-based IT architecture that can operate at scale to expand channels, reach, and speed.

With their journey to the cloud, Carlsberg can capture a more significant market share as they establish a new age of growth and profitability, including their ability to react to market dynamics. What makes it even more challenging to connect and interlock customers, supply chain, and employees together is the rapid expansion of Carlsberg due to newly acquired companies - all contributing to a patchwork of systems, channels, and processes.

As part of advancing their digital connectivity, Carlsberg kicked off a cloud transformation together with Accenture - with the primary objective of creating a digital platform that could deliver excellent services and experiences: and brew for a better today and tomorrow.

We worked closely with partners like Avanade, Microsoft, and SAP to transition Carlsberg's core infrastructure and businesses-critical applications to the Microsoft Azure public cloud - in less than six months. More than 15 terabytes of data on 600 servers and 200 applications that serve more than 10,000 employees - including the whole SAP application suite - were covered by this transition (!) 

How we work

Every cloud project is different. After assessing our clients' goals, we’ll work with them to define the right cloud solution for their business needs by taking a holistic approach that addresses people, processes, and technology.

An unmatched ecosystem of partners

We are the leading partner for Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Google and the #1 co-innovator with SAP and Oracle. These connections can help clients overcome any challenge.

Proven, industry-tailored solutions

We work with our clients, drawing on the experience of 30,000+ cloud projects in nearly every industry to build predictable, fast, and secure cloud solutions.

Unparalleled talent and experience

Our 92,000+ cloud professionals wield more than 59,000+ certifications, combining vast industry experience with specialized, state-of-the-art skillsets.


We provided Carlsberg with a dynamic and agile platform for the enterprise solutions that serve digital innovation and afford greater visibility into IT operations. Carlsberg is already gaining various business benefits, including: 

  • Improved IT system stability
  • A more agile and responsive IT infrastructure that enables the company to scale resources up or down as quickly as needed
  • Lower IT operating costs, freeing up capital that the company can invest elsewhere in the business
“We always pursue perfection, and the combination of Accenture’s experience in digital transformation services and industry knowledge has provided us with a leading-edge intelligent platform.”
Mark Dajani, CIO and SVP of Global Business Services at Carlsberg group

Accelerating innovation

To accelerate innovation with artificial intelligence, DevOps, and analytics Carlsberg is facilitated through the Azure platform. For example, "Carrie" was recently launched by the brewery, a security chatbot solution - developed by Avanade. Through this security chatbot, employees can get 24/7 support to request concerning rules and regulations.

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    Abdallah Ashour, Intelligent Cloud and Infrastructure

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