Applying tech to boost brand experience

How to break through the content clutter?

In today's connected world, consumers are more and more likely to experience information overload. For example, 36% of Europeans already feel overwhelmed by the amount of information they experience on a day-to-day basis (Source: Nielsen, 2018). For brands, this makes it challenging to break through the noise and content clutter. How do you engage with your target audience in an innovative, disruptive, and interactive way? 

Red Bull - the company behind the famous energy drink - has been giving wings to people and ideas, setting many milestones in sports and culture. They are known for their out of the box, creative marketing activations that inspire action. As part of this approach, Red Bull partnered with Accenture Interactive to create a remarkable, immersive experience for the toughest beach motor race in the world: the Red Bull Knockout 2018.

Creating an immersive experience

To bring the excitement of the event and track to life, the team of extended reality (XR) professionals co-created and designed an app—leveraging the latest in Android and iOS capabilities and augmented reality (AR)—to deliver a 3D immersive experience of the race track. With the help of our Accenture London XR Studio and Newcastle Technology Center, the app offers an experience that is scalable, provokes curiosity and excitement, and creates a unique digital brand experience.

It challenges users to drive with their own motocross bike on the Scheveningen beach and face the real challenges of the track—scary in many ways. Users not only get to see all the gigantic hills and massive jumps that the real racers need to face in the race, but they also experience the thrill of racing altogether—a challenge not many people get to experience!

Solve a complex puzzle, with the latest Tech

Coming up with a solution that is scalable, innovative and helps to engage with content-overloaded consumers is a challenge in itself, one that required teamwork and in-depth technical knowledge. "We really had to push the boundaries of the smartphone by finding the right balance between performance and experience, which was a great challenge to work on!”, says Sebastiaan Veldman, Innovation Lead at Accenture Interactive.

Working together with teams in London, Newcastle and Red Bull also presented its challenges, according to Sebastian, but "Red Bull is an awesome client, the people are nice and are willing to try out new things. They also got so much amazing content to share" and on top of that the team was invited as VIP to the Knock Out event, which was pretty cool!

Sebastian Veldman

"A strong focus and a good strategy are true game changers"

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