A Secure Future and Stimulated Mind

Who are the people behind Accenture? What drives Marissa Jaggan and inspires her on a daily basis? How has Mark Ruiter's life, career, ambitions, and dreams developed over the years? What difficult choices has Shruti Pathania made in her life? Through a series of portraits, we answer these questions and introduce you to our people: those who make Accenture the thriving company that it is.

Introducing Fenna Janssen, RPA Traineeship - Alumna

This is the portrait of Fenna Janssen, alumni of Accenture and former RPA trainee.

Having worked as a social worker and caretaker, and as a mother of a little girl, Fenna Janssen’s life is very different these days. She signed up for Accenture’s RPA Traineeship this April. ‘I was looking to shift gears in my career and get into a field that would really get my neurons firing.’

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‘As a young girl, I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to do as far as work goes far as work goes. First, I dreamt of being a gymnast, but that never happened. After that, I set my heart on attending the CIOS Sports Academy to become a sports instructor, but unfortunately, I only got as far as the application waiting list. Subsequently, I enrolled to study to study Social Work at the Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Maastricht. Having been quite a troubled teenager myself, I thought it would be fantastic to be able to draw on my own experiences to help young people. When it turned out I wasn’t assertive enough, my focus shifted, and after graduation, I found a job in a home for the elderly.’

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‘I loved this role. Planning activities and day trips for older people was extremely rewarding - it was so satisfying to see their happy faces. I really enjoyed being able to make that kind of difference in their lives. When I sadly lost my job after yet another round of financial cutbacks from the government, I found another position at a daycare center for children. It was quite a change to move from working with people aged 80+ to looking after children between 4 and 12. It was certainly a lot noisier at the daycare center, but I loved it nevertheless. I just like working with people, regardless of their age.’

A Phone-averse Person Ends Up in a Call Center

‘As rewarding as care work was, there is one enormous downside: you hardly ever get a permanent contract in this field. Some employers will offer sign agreements for a few days a week, but there’s still not much stability or certainty. That was the main reason I decided to leave the industry in 2014 and pursue other avenues. Shortly after that, I found a job as a corporate agent at VodafoneZiggo. Working in a call center was not the most obvious next step for somebody like me who doesn’t enjoy taking or making calls, and I’ll admit, that was the part of the job I liked the least. However, what I did like was the back office work - emailing customers, dealing with escalations and handling invoices. Before I started, I was concerned I’d miss the human connection aspect - having always worked closely with people - but thanks to my lovely colleagues, this wasn’t an issue.’

‘And then my boyfriend Robbie and I fell pregnant. While I was under the impression that my contract would be extended after I returned from maternity leave, it didn’t turn out that way. Of course, I was initially disappointed, but I'll admit, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I was then able to spend more time with my baby girl, Romy. She was born in September 2017, and while I had intended to go back to work in early January 2018, I got to enjoy “bonus” time with her instead.’

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    Dayenne Gouverneur, Robot Process Automation Trainee

    "I am definitely more of a practical, learning-by-doing type of person."

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A Secure Future and Stimulated Mind

‘After a while, I started to miss the company of other people, so I knew it was time to get back to work. While going back to a call center was an option, I thought it would be a good time to consider a new career path - one that would offer more job security. It was my brother who suggested I look at options in the ICT field. When the UWV asked me if I would be interested in the RPA Traineeship at Accenture, I didn’t have to think about it very long or hard. I was instantly drawn to the prospect of working for a big, well-known company and the opportunity to learn something new - something that would really get my neurons firing.’

"I was instantly drawn to the prospect of working for a big, well-known company and the opportunity to learn something new - something that would really get my neurons firing."

‘I remember feeling completely overwhelmed by all the information we were given on the first day. I would be lying if I said that there weren’t moments when I thought, “What have I gotten myself into? Am I sure I can do this?” Day two of the traineeship was more reassuring in that respect - I found that I was slowly, but surely starting to understand things. This was definitely also in part thanks to a dozen friendly, helpful colleagues who were very willing to help out with any questions I had. Above all else, the traineeship made me realize I’m actually quite a persistent go-getter who, even in the face of setbacks, will keep pushing on, no matter what. I’ll admit that was a side of me I wasn’t too familiar with before this experience.’

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Valuable Advice: ‘Just ask!’

‘Another thing the traineeship has taught me is to not be afraid to ask questions, and to not wait too long before I do. I’ve learned not to stubbornly keep on trying to do things by myself for hours on end - becoming increasingly stressed by the minute - but to rather ask a colleague for help. Sometimes it’s the smallest, simplest adjustment that you didn’t even consider that proves to be the solution to your problem. That would be my advice to anyone who’s about to do the traineeship: Just ask!’

"My advice to anyone who’s about to do the traineeship: Just ask!"

‘My wish for the future would obviously be to get a contract at Accenture. I would love to work for this organization, whether it be in a technical role or even a more social position, like as a career counselor, for instance. I still consider my social skills to be my greatest asset: I’m a pretty good observer of people and situations, but I also consider myself a great listener. That said, what I especially love about working with RPA is the fact that you can see the results of your actions instantly. While caring for people and making them happy definitely qualifies as “having an impact”, working in technology takes that impact to a whole new level. One of the highlights of the traineeship was when the robot we designed actually worked, from start to finish without any errors - the joy!’ 

Romy’s Happy, I’m Happy - Everybody’s Happy

‘Despite being very excited when I found out I was accepted to participate in the traineeship, I was a little concerned about being away from Romy. Including travel time, I am out of the house for 50 hours per week these days, which is a lot of time given that before this I was home with Romy constantly. I get up every morning at around 5:30 a.m., drop Romy off at her grandparents or daycare, and then drive from Maastricht to Heerlen. As emotional as I was about this arrangement before, I am quite relaxed about it now - it has been smooth sailing all the way. Romy is happy, I am happy - everybody’s happy. That said, there’s nothing better than coming home to Robbie and Romy after a long day at the office.’

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Fenna Janssen (1988)

Studied: BA Social Work, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences (2012)

Started working at Accenture: April 2018

Relationship status: Living with Robbie, daughter Romy (7,5 months) and boxer dog Rocco

Loves: Coming home after a day’s work to spend time with Robbie and Romy, as well as going for walks with the family (Rocco included) on weekends

Gets annoyed by: People who drive way too slowly

Favorite food: Italian ice cream (scoops) - the Kinder Bueno flavor is my favorite

On my nightstand: A baby monitor

Listens to: Top 40 music

Last purchase: Clothes for Romy

Would like to sit next to on the plane: Robbie, while we’re on our way to a sunny island like Bora Bora for a holiday

Life-changing event: Romy’s birth

The best lesson life has taught me: To think about myself more often and to stand up for myself

What I learned last week: In order to create a robot, you really need to think like a robot - that is, you really need to be extremely detailed in the steps you take

Most beautiful place on earth: Home

Hobbies/passions: Cooking - my lasagna and moussaka are pretty good

What nobody knows about me: That I can have quite a short temper sometimes

Life motto: Live life and enjoy it!

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