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A must-have for today's consumers of fast food is to be able to order at any time, from any place, and on any channel. The easier it is for the consumer to pay for their order, the better! Accenture helps companies identify and apply the latest tech - to drive and transform their business and remain relevant in the future. Find out more about how Accenture helped Subway restaurants make sure all their customer touchpoints were hitting the mark by creating a new data-driven experience optimization operating model.

How to make sure every touch-point hits the mark

Even for the world's extensive string of sandwich shops, this can be a tall task. Subway recognized the importance of providing the optimal customer experience in today's hyper-competitive market. Accordingly, they launched their journey to transforms their customers' digital experience. 

We became Subway's partner in their digital transformation towards becoming an industry innovator and a digital leader to reach this goal. Through a data-driven user testing culture and consumer experimentation - either online, on their phone, or in the store - we made sure every digital touchpoint hit the mark.

This way, Subway receives meaningful insights - which help them satisfy their customers and grow revenue every day. 

  • Reinventing Experiences

Building up a new operating model, layer by layer

We worked with Subway towards a new recipe for success. Through our profound personalization and organizational design experience, we created an operating model that continuously optimizes customer experience with its commitment to scientific experimentation. The advanced model empowers Subway to conduct extensive user experience tests across all their different channels by leveraging the technologies of Adobe Analytics and Target. From modifying the color of a single button to reconsidering the homepage's promotional messaging - and see results right away. The model serves statistically significant insights into how customer behavior and company revenue are affected by design changes. 

"We started sending out 222 different versions of emails, and we're seeing the business results. We could not be happier or more fortunate that it's paying off"
Carissa Ganelli, Subway CDO

We've made the model sustainable for the future and quick to stand up. Landing new capabilities by using our resources increasingly giving back control to Subway's employees, we assured it became a model that manages to deliver over and over. 

Propel growth & value by applying personalization

Today's personalization potential helped shape the partnership with Subway - as personalization can provide a dynamically and uniquely tailored experience to each individual, matching context seamlessly and implemented across all channels. Using data and insights to find the what, how, and when touchpoints - is our ultimate goal. Personalization is based on understanding why customers have specific preferences, not only on what they last purchased or browsed. Accenture coined this process and thinking as the Accenture Genome. 

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Leveraging our ecosystem of partners

Having long-lasted partnerships with various suppliers help solve business challenges significantly when cutting edge tech is involved. For over a decade, Accenture Interactive has delivered award-winning customer experiences powered by Adobe. Recognized as Adobes' most decorated partner, with specializations in Adobe Analytics, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Campaign, and Marketo Engage, we work with Adobe to design, build, and run transformative customer experiences that exceed our clients' objectives.

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Growing revenue with a culture of continuous experience design

Subway was able to see the advantages within weeks. By experimenting with its millions of customers and using digital channels, Subway explores new ways to expand its remote ordering revenue at a rate that surpasses half-million dollars in the first year. With Adobe Targets' simplicity, Subway can transform test results into compelling user experiences with just the click of a button. 

Moreover, with Design Thinking, we positioned tests into the operating model's core to ensure that Subway can concentrate on actual tests. It is an entirely new batch of ingredients for delighted customers - and growing revenue. 

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