Operations at Accenture

Is Operations your thing?

  • Do you enjoy making processes more efficient?
  • Are you fascinated by the dynamic, interrelated processes of a big business?
  • Can you rapidly understand upcoming tech?
  • Do you see ways to improve things that others miss?
  • Can you connect stakeholders with the solutions that matter for them?


If you answered 'yes' to these questions, we think you will love working in Operations.
Keep reading to find out about what we do and how you could fit in.


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How you fit in

Do you think Accenture Operations might be a good fit for you? We work in two main divisions, so if you're applying for a role with us it will probably be related to one of these - you can read about them below. Perhaps you prefer to work in Cloud services or maybe your Business Process Management background makes our Business Processing Services a no-brainer for you? If it's not that clear yet - don't worry! At Accenture, you'll never be tied down in the wrong area - we take a flexible, collaborative approach to work, and your career adviser can always help you move internally later on. And for now - our Operations recruiters are always ready to help you find the opportunities that are right for you.

Business Processing Services

What it's all about: Delivering reliable cross-industry processes and services to optimize business performance for our clients

What you might be doing:

  • Conducting data analyses to drive business insights and deliver value
  • Developing and applying industry-specific expertise
  • Developing new outsourcing services and capabilities
  • Defining performance targets together with clients

Journey to the Cloud

What it's all about: Supporting our clients in developing digital IT strategies and agile blueprints, and adopting new end-to-end infrastructures

What you might be doing:

  • Designing, building and running “intelligent infrastructures”
  • Helping clients to define and implement a comprehensive, agile blueprint for digital transformation
  • Establishing and managing relationships with key technology providers
  • Determining risk profiles for our clients to prioritize and implement IT security programs



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Reinventing customer service

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