Industry X

The future of making things, and the things we make

We like to do it differently. We embrace change. We reimagine. We transform. How companies design, engineer, manufacture, service and maintain their products. We embed sustainability and bring digital into every part of the company’s enterprise.

Join us and be part of what comes next!

What we do

At Industry X we help our clients thrive. To achieve greater productivity, drive growth and reach sustainability commitments. We focus on product design, smart connected products, engineering, manufacturing, and operations.   

  • We Create Value By Design – for people and planet
  • We innovate products and services or industries such as FMCG, mobility, healthcare, industrials, and high-tech
  • We develop an end-to-end connective digital thread across the entire product and operating value chain
  • We make things tangible – we are doers
  • We revolutionize how products are made, by making the manufacturing process digital, smart and connected
  • We create a responsive customer-centric feedback loop – allowing clients to sense changes and embed them into their products and services seamlessly
  • We ensure leading circular and sustainable practices every step of the way
  • We build the digital infrastructure, culture, and skills to ensure these changes are resilient
  • We use the power of Extended Reality and Digital Twin to optimize the user experience and optimize operational excellence
  • We connect changes to the broader enterprise to drive the next frontier of growth

Who we are looking for

We create value by strategy and design, unraveling complexities with our approach as a powerful instrument of change. The way we do so is by designing and engineering products, platforms and services that build bridges between users, technology and business needs. Putting people and planet in the center of everything we do to add value to our clients’ businesses, for them to make a significant difference. Are you ready to make a difference? The time for transformation is now!

Meet the team

George Galloway

“Within Industry X I have the opportunity to combine my background in Industrial Engineering and Strategy with my interest in digital technologies and passion for sustainable transformation. Together with a highly skilled team we bridge innovative technology and human ingenuity to drive a sustainable digital industrial revolution. All while having a lot of fun doing so and with a big focus on personal development and growth.”

Alessia Francesca Cuomo

“‘Joining Industry X gave me the opportunity to embrace both my biggest passion, Business and Innovation. I love that I can work in a great international environment with colleagues from all around, making me learn everyday different culture and broader my vision and really understand how to transform business needs in Technology solution for our clients.’”

Pam van Zaanen

“Being part of Industry X means being part of a challenging and dynamic work environment with diverse projects across many different industries, all having one common goal: optimization and innovation for a better future! I enjoy working together with highly skilled and passionate colleagues, to tackle hot topics such as sustainability and automation!”