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Are you still unsure about Accenture's culture? How Accenture differentiates itself from other firms? Or what to wear to your first interview? The FAQ page is here to help with answering the most common questions of interns, assisting you in the first steps of your future career at Accenture.

What better way to learn about Accenture than from those who have experienced it first hand. 

Ymke Rose Gote, Recruitment intern

What is the culture like at Accenture?

Jari Koers, Strategy & Consulting Intern

Will my opinions & ideas be valued?

Eva Teeuwissen, Talent Brand Marketing intern

Will I fit in with Accenture's company culture?

Jeroen Zoutendijk, Talent brand marketing intern

What is your role as an intern at Accenture?

Rowinza Reekers, Talent brand marketing intern

What can I expect on my first day or week on the job?

Khanh Hoang Ngo, Social media marketing intern

Does Accenture hire job-shadowing interns as well?

  • What is Accenture?

  • What are the people at Accenture like?

    Women in hijab smiling and looking at the camera
  • What is your favorite thing about Accenture?

    Woman cooking inside the kitchen

Kinga Kocsis, Truly Human intern

How can I prepare for my interview?

Nina Claessens, Corporate Digital Marketing Analyst

What should I focus on during my job interview?

Ynez Jansen, Content marketing intern

How can I prepare for my interview?

Eva Teeuwissen, Talent Brand Marketing intern

How can I create a powerful network at Accenture?

Katerina Makri, Marketing copywriter intern

How can I increase my future prospects during this internship?

Jeroen Zoutendijk, talent brand marketing intern

How can I fully ‘get to know’ Accenture as a company?

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