Virtual Inhouseday Get To Know Strategy & Consulting

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Date 14 August 2020
Time 13:00 - 15:30
Location Amsterdam

Registration deadline is the 11th of August

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Get to know us!

During these times, it might be difficult to get to know possible employers, but we have a solution for you. During our virtual in-house day you get the opportunity to get to know our  Strategy & Consulting department. Get to know Accenture on May 8th in an interactive way. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with us and to broaden your awareness of Accenture, beyond the brand.  

During this session you can expect the following: 

  • A general introduction into Accenture 
  • Experience telling from our consultants 
  • An interactive case 
  • Time to connect

Don't hesitate, sign up now for this virtual Accenture Strategy & Consulting introduction. You will receive an email including instructions to prepare for the interactive session. 


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Get to know Accenture in an interactive way by registering for the virtual Accenture Strategy & Consulting introduction.

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Craft your skills and build your network at Accenture and get to know us. 

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The session

The session will exist of a general introduction, experience from our consultants, an interactive case and the possibility to connect.

About us

We leverage design thinking, industry insights and the latest digital methodologies to help clients innovate, grow and improve their businesses. Our expertise, capabilities and experience mean that clients trust us to find the right solutions for their needs.

Together with our talented colleagues worldwide (505.000), we focus on connecting the needs of businesses with the possibilities that come with technological progress. Because that's where the real challenges are: inventing and testing things that have never been tried before, getting new applications ready for roll-out, and ultimately guiding clients to select and implement the right technologies to transform their businesses.

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