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Date 17 February 2021
Time 15:00 - 16:30
Location Virtual - Microsoft Teams

About Security

At Accenture Security, we provide guidance and consulting to our clients and design and implement solutions for the transformation and optimization of our clients’ Security organization. We work with clients across all of our industries: Products, Communication, Media, Entertainment & High Tech, Public Services & Health, Resources, and Financial Services.

Why is Security relevant?

The impact of our work reaches throughout the entire security lifecycle and across value chains end to end, ultimately keeping businesses and end-users protected all over the world. In practice, that might mean deploying cutting-edge security systems, using AI to analyze security risks, or developing defense strategies based on a combination of technology and user behavior.

"Wherever a business goes, whoever it works with, it needs cybersecurity that covers it all"

What skills/knowledge area will you acquire?

You will learn more about the different security topics, the big cyber threats, and Accenture in general. Put your team player and strong analytical skills into practice and work on your ability to understand and resolve (complex) problems. In the Q&A you will be able to ask all your questions and get an inside into the life of a security consultant.

What are some of the activities within Security in Accenture?

Our team is not limited to a single set of tools to offer Security to our clients, instead we take a proactive and creative approach to find the best solutions for every security problem. A Security consultant has the opportunity to develop specialized knowledge and skills on a wide range of the most innovative tools, technologies, and methodologies across all Security offerings:

  • Cloud Security and DevSecOps
  • Digital Identity
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Security
  • Security Monitoring, Analytics, and Automated Response
  • Application Security
  • Infrastructure Security
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