Women in Technology

Who we are and what we believe

Now more than ever, our commitment to accelerate equality for all is central to drive our innovation agenda and act as responsible business leaders. 

Coming from diverse backgrounds, we work together to solve industries’ and organisations’ most challenging problems with cutting-edge technologies. Our vision is to improve the way the world works. We strive to ensure that all our people are compensated fairly and equitably from the very first moment they are hired. When we see a disparity for any of our people, we fix it. This allows us to attract, develop, inspire and reward top talent. We have created an environment that allows our people to perform at their very best and underpins a culture in which everyone feels they have an equal opportunity to belong, advance, and thrive. 

"Our unwavering commitment to inclusion and diversity unleashes innovation and creates a culture where everyone feels they have equal opportunity"
Julie Sweet, Chief Executive Officer

This commitment starts at the top with our executive chairman, chief executive officer and Board. Our leaders at all levels help create and sustain a culture of equality where everyone feels equal opportunity to belong and build a career. Our areas of focus include gender, ethnicity, LGBTQ+, religion, persons with disabilities and cross-cultural diversity.

A commitment to our people

What’s the power of diversity? Discover how our commitment to our 506,000 people from a variety of cultures, beliefs and backgrounds makes us more innovative.

Gender Equality

The future workforce is an equal one. That's why we are committed to a gender-balanced workforce by the year 2025

Disability and Inclusion

Companies that embrace best practices for including more persons with disabilities in their workforce outperform their peers. Together with the Refugee Talent Hub, we support talents like Abdallah with skills to succeed.

Supporting our LGBTQ+ Community

We embrace authenticity at work and are committed to ensuring an inclusive environment for all employees - regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

Ethnic- and racial diversity

We support people from diverse backgrounds to advance and thrive in the workplace. We actively create an inclusive work environment by helping individuals and teams to mitigate their unconscious bias.


We embed responsible business into everything we do for our clients and we work with our ecosystem partners to co-develop the capabilities our clients need to achieve their sustainability goals.

Mental health and wellness

Our support for mental health and disability inclusion accelerates our culture of equality and helps everyone to thrive.

Workforce (Up)skilling

Digital technologies demand that people acquire new skills. And people are demanding new ways of working. These two trends call for new talent and organization strategies. For this reason, Accenture puts human skills at the heart of competitiveness and growth in the age of intelligent technology. We create value by equipping people with the skills they need to collaborate with smart technologies.

Through a comprehensive approach that creates a more productive and adaptive workforce, we use digital technology to reinvent the employee experience and redesign organizations more agilely.

Irina Kononova

"Being part of Accenture’s LGBT community is great for many reasons. I find that being around people like me pushes me even more to be myself." Since moving to Amsterdam in 2018, Russian Irina Kononova found that she could finally be her true self.

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Mashad Bani-Aman

Mashad Bani-Aman says "you can transcend cultural and language barriers. If anything is going to hold you back, it’s your own fears". Find out how he earned the prestigious ‘The Other Manager Award’.

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Cross-cultural diversity at Accenture

Our commitment to a culture of equality combined with our belief that “together, we are greater than ever”, allows our more than 699,000 people in 120 countries to work as a seamless network.

By respecting all of our people’s individual cultures and unique backgrounds, we transcend geographies, drive innovation and better support our clients everywhere in the world.

What leaders should do

To create the kind of inclusive workplace culture they say they want, leaders must do three things:

  • Truly believe that culture matters—and prioritize it.
  • Go beyond the data and talk to real employees.
  • Encourage and cultivate advocates within their companies.
  • How Accenture works across cultures

    Man and woman laughing at the camera

It's different at Accenture

We are proud that our C-suite leadership is led by more women than ever, including:

Join a company that believes the future workforce is an equal one. Get to know some of our unique colleagues, and find out what they like about working at Accenture:

Mark Ruiter

Learn how Mark Ruiter fine-tunes Accenture’s Inclusion & Diversity Program next to his role as Senior Manager Resources.

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Ilham El Khayari

Despite her mom being an HR Manager, Ilham El Khayari never really understood what HR was all about. Now, as a Senior Learning & Talent Development Advisor Benelux, she followed in her mom's footsteps.

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Javier Leonor

Ask him to sing a Frozen song, and he will, in four different languages! Senior Manager Javier Leonor was born and raised in Spain, but moved to the Netherlands in 1997. 'Opening up to people and sharing personal, sometimes “embarrassing” things, like loving Frozen or Glee, is very important to me.'

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Inclusion starts with I

We are passionate about creating an environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging and can bring their best self to work every day. #InclusionStartsWithI reflects not only powerful emotions but also a sense of personal ownership, needed to create a more inclusive organization ― and world.

#InclusionStartsWithI features some of our colleagues sharing their feelings about inclusion and diversity. Accenture believes that individuals and organizations have the power to change the world by using their voice, and we’re using ours to encourage others to make a personal commitment.

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Are you looking for the kind of workplace where everyone is welcome? At Accenture, we truly believe in the value of individual differences and mutual respect. Find out more about why Accenture is a great place to work here, or find out more about our Corporate Citizenship.