Our culture

What it is like to work at Accenture?

We're really proud of our vibrant, diverse workplace culture. We believe in openness and honesty, fairness and equality, common sense and realism. Need some examples? Well, firstly there's our goal to achieve 50/50 equal employment of men and women by 2025. There's also the opportunity to get involved with one of our employee-driven non-profit projects, or even start one of your own. 

Accenture is an incredible place to work - and keep learning. But it's not only about big initiatives. There are plenty of day-to-day things that make working at Accenture rewarding and enjoyable too. 

Here are some stories of our colleagues, and why they love being a part of Accenture 

Work culture at Accenture

Youri de Koster

Meet Youri, an innovative tech Consultant in touch with the human perspective

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Dayenne Gouverneur

Find out how Dayenne left her comfort zone behind and became an RPA Trainee

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Ruurd Feitsma

Being an SAP Consultant is just one of life’s big adventures for Ruurd

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Making a difference

By joining Accenture, you’ll be part of a global company with a world-class brand and reputation, reinforced by our core values. We are focused on serving our clients, developing our people and contributing to the community as responsible corporate citizens. We take our responsibility for the future of the company and the planet seriously, which is why we hire the best people, leverage our global reach even as we respect the individual, and ensure everything we do—for our clients, our people and our communities—is done with integrity.

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Can-do attitudes

There's so much going on at Accenture all the time. Our work is full of challenges that we need to overcome.  Sometimes we work in an 'agile' way, so we need to be flexible, think on our feet and adapt quickly when things change. It creates a positive, exciting atmosphere full of ambition and team spirit. Whether you bring great ideas and insights, entrepreneurial vision or the passion and determination to get things done, your contribution will always be a valuable part of the solution.

Learn from mistakes

We don't play blame games at Accenture. We understand that trial-and-error is an important part of getting things right - especially when you're doing things that have never been done before. We learn from our mistakes and support each other to achieve our goals. There's no such thing as a 'stupid question' here.

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The real you is welcome

We truly believe in the value of individual differences. And pretending to be something you're not can be exhausting. So just let your personality shine through: if you're a natural cynic, bring your cynicism; if you're a girly-girl, go ahead and wear a fluffy pink cardigan. The point is, no-one here is going to judge you on how you look, or what you enjoy doing, or what you believe in - because it has absolutely nothing to do with our work!

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Connected culture

Working at some companies feels like being in a bubble: they don't see beyond their own tasks and results. Not at Accenture. We're always connected with the world around us. Keeping up with new technological innovations and sociocultural trends is an important part of our work. Aside from the expert services we supply, we care about what's going on in the world.

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