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Innovating for Society

As a global company with our eyes fixed on the future, we think it’s essential to maintain a serious commitment to ethical behavior. This means that alongside serving our clients, we take responsibility towards the planet and people through our corporate citizenship program.

Every day, we use our understanding of technology and its impact on people to transform society at scale, in a responsible way. The ideas we have, the innovations we create and the partnerships we develop, all have a ripple effect that changes the lives of millions for the better.

We are building better societies by focusing on education, employment, and economic independence. New technologies, combined with our social partnerships and the passion of our people, are transforming the way we work, which enables us to make a greater impact.

Our People

Laura van den Hurk

She has a natural interest in getting to know people, she worked in a refugee camp in Lesbos and is convinced that art can have an impact on diversity. In this portrait of Laura van den Hurk, we discover how her beliefs and experiences help both her and her colleagues reach their full potential.

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A better tomorrow

Our goal is to help as many people as possible to maximize their potential in order to create a better tomorrow. That's why we aim to give 5 million people the skills they need to thrive in the digital economy – and help improve the lives of millions more by 2025. Find out more about our mission and how we tackle social, environmental and economic challenges in our 2018 CSR report.

We're making noticeable progress as we've already equipped 2.8 million people worldwide with the skills to find a job or build a business since 2010. Right here in the Netherlands, we have been equipping people like Abdallah, Barbara, and Sander with these kinds of skills to succeed.

We work with diverse social partners like Plan International, the Impact Hub, and the Refugee Talent Hub to help our impact reach further.

Purpose to action

At Accenture, everyone is encouraged to get involved with our Corporate Citizenship and find their own purpose. If you come and work here, you'll get lots of opportunities to make an individual difference, using your passions and talents to help a cause you care about. Every employee can spend up to 24 of their working hours volunteering for a good cause and putting forward their own impact initiatives. If you join us, you can also work on projects for our non-profit partners that we offer on a pro bono basis to find tailored solutions for societal or environmental challenges.

On top of that, all Accenture employees can start fundraisers to support the causes and non-profit organization they care about. In this case, the amount raised will be doubled by the Accenture Netherlands Foundation to create an even bigger impact! If you're enthusiastic about making an impact outside of The Netherlands, we've got something for you too: internationally, we also aim to provide the most innovative and inspiring impact projects through our Accenture Development Partnerships.

Our projects & initiatives

Refugee Talent Hub

The Refugee Talent Hub (RTH), launched in 2015 by a team of Accenture employees, aims to close the gap between talented, job-seeking refugees and Dutch organizations looking for new employees

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Making a Difference

Every employee has 24 hours to support a cause they're passionate about, in a competition/battle to make the biggest impact.

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Impact Hub: Plastics edition

As part of our yearly challenge with the Impact Hub, Accenture colleagues joined forces with entrepreneurs to solve 'the plastics problem'

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Join Accenture and make your impact

If you had the chance, what kind of impact would you want to make? At Accenture, we do much more than 'just' business. Find out more about why Accenture is a great place to work or discover our people and the work we do.