Corporate Functions at Accenture

Is Corporate Functions where you belong?

  • Are you interested in keeping the world of Accenture turning?
  • Do you feel at home working in an agile way?
  • Do you want to get real experience of best practice in big business?
  • Would you like to collaborate with people from different business areas?
  • Are you great with stakeholders and priorities?

If you find yourself answering 'yes' to some of the above questions - great, we think you'd love working in Corporate Functions! Keep reading to find out about working in Corporate Functions and how you could fit in.

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How you fit in

Are you curious about how your unique mix of skills could be applied in Accenture's Corporate Functions? Check out the way our work is divided below - if you want to apply to work at Accenture Corporate Functions you will probably be applying to one of these areas. But don't worry about getting tied down in the wrong area - we take a flexible, collaborative approach to work, and your career adviser can always help you to move internally later on. If you're not sure where to start or can't choose, get in contact with one of our Corporate Functions recruiters and we'll help to find the opportunities that are right for you.

Marketing & Communications

What it's all about: Spreading the word about Accenture, listed among Forbes' "Most Valuable Brands", winning client contracts and attracting and engaging talent

What you might be doing:

  • Managing and advertising the Accenture brand
  • Using digital marketing and social media to promote our services
  • Managing relationships with the media and industry analysts
  • Organizing and promoting events and sponsorships
  • Corporate and internal communications
  • Researching markets and reporting about activities

Human Resources

What it's all about: Developing our talent and strengthening and preserving our company culture

What you might be doing:

  • Partnering closely with our business leaders as a trusted advisor
  • Connecting with employee needs and experiences, making a real impact on people's needs and wellbeing
  • Helping to make Accenture one of the most inclusive and diverse organizations in the world, supporting our Corporate Citizenship


What it's all about: Delivering financial services and strategic business partnerships to help drive and sustain profitable growth across Accenture's businesses

What you might be doing:

  • Producing financial plans for proposals, contracts, and projects
  • Reporting on country-wide operations
  • Working side-by-side with colleagues across the business, anticipating new requirements, thinking and acting commercially, and balancing risk and reward
  • Combining your financial expertise and business knowledge with data analytics skills to improve Accenture’s performance


What it's all about: Leading and collaborating with world-class colleagues to uphold our high standards of ethics and compliance

What you might be doing:

  • Contributing to decision-making about leading-edge policies and implementations
  • Using and developing your specialized knowledge and differentiating skills
  • Interacting directly with stakeholders and clients to achieve the desired outcomes
  • Being an integral part of our culture, based around trust, mutual respect, and meritocracy

Geographic Services

What it's all about: Bringing together internal services, suppliers and infrastructure across the globe to enable our growing employee base to deliver exceptional service to our clients

What you might be doing:

  • Collaborating seamlessly to provide first class, proactive support across all aspects of Accenture's services and facilities
  • Supporting Accenture’s growth agenda while responsibly managing our environmental impact and supporting the communities in which we live and work
  • Maintaining our leading position through continuous improvement and a focus on strong, mutually beneficial relationships

Information Security

What it's all about: Protecting Accenture’s information assets, office locations, delivery centers and global business functions in 120 countries

What you might be doing:

  • Monitoring and anticipating threats, safeguarding Accenture and client data
  • Working with expert colleagues across the globe to drive improvement within information security
  • Empowering colleagues to protect the information assets under their purview and manage local risks
  • Using cutting-edge technology to deploy company-wide security capabilities
  • Applying protection strategies that grow with our business and provide ongoing protection for our most valuable information in response to changing threats

Chief Information Office

What it's all about: Driving Accenture's digital agenda, setting the standard for connectivity and accelerating the deployment of leading-edge technologies with our vision and capabilities

What you might be doing:

  • Enabling high performance across our network of IT consultants by creating and delivering business applications and infrastructure for internal use
  • Collaborating to innovatively connect Accenture's needs with the right technologies
  • Running IT as a business, with a strong focus on standards of availability, performance and game-changing cost effectiveness


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