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Is Strategy the area for you?

  • Can you see ways to get ahead of the competition?
  • Do you think outside of the box?
  • Can you understand the push and pull of competitive forces?
  • Do you have the knowledge and insight to advise industry leaders?
  • Can you see ways to combine strengths and opportunities for better results?

We're looking for people that answer yes to questions like these - people who can help us to discover and leverage competitive advantages. The real game-changers. Does that sound like you? Keep reading to find out if Strategy is right for you.

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How you fit in

Are you interested to know where your unique blend of skills fits in? Or is there a specific industry you want to work in? If you apply for a role with Accenture Strategy it will probably be within one of the four main divisions below. But don't worry about getting tied down in the wrong area - we take a flexible, collaborative approach to work, and your career adviser can always help you to move internally later on. If you're not sure where to start or can't choose, get in contact with one of our Strategy recruiters and we'll help to find the opportunities that are right for you.

Business Strategy

What it's all about: Developing new products and services to meet our clients' needs

What you might be doing:

  • addressing unique industry strategy issues
  • developing strategies for converging industries

Technology Strategy

What it's all about: Deriving business value from technological innovations

What you might be doing:

  • defining technology and infrastructure blueprints
  • defining and implementing IT security strategies

Operations and Functions Strategy

What it's all about: Assessing and transforming business functions and processes

What you might be doing:

  • evaluating business operations, functions, and processes
  • identifying opportunities to improve efficiency and add value

Accenture Capability Network

What it's all about: Management consulting and strategy expertise across the client lifecycle

What you might be doing:

  • working with prestigious brands and organizations worldwide
  • providing deep and strategic industry or functional expertise
  • helping clients to target and deliver new sources of value
  • leveraging an unmatched network of people, knowledge, tools, and technology


Reinventing customer service

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Fast-paced agile portfolio management

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