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Is a career in consulting right for you?

  • Can you see the big picture without missing the details?
  • Can you find a strategic solution to any problem?
  • Are you good at listening and understanding competing perspectives?
  • Do you have specialist knowledge of, or experience in, a specific industry?

We don't expect you to tick all of these boxes the moment you arrive - but these are the kind of skills that make a great consultant. So if you recognize some of your qualities in the list above, or if this is how you picture your future, a consultancy role could be the right fit for you.

Where you fit in

We operate across five core areas, so if you apply for a role at Accenture Consulting it will most likely be related to one of these. If you have a background or an interest in a specific area, you could look out for opportunities related to one of the themes in the table below. If you don't have a preference - no problem! Our recruiters can help you find a role that fits with your skills. We take a flexible, collaborative approach to work, and your career advisor can always help you to move internally later on.

Communications, Media & Technology

What it is all about: Making digital innovation happen for key clients, including 9 of the Fortune 50 hi-tech companies. Shaping technology into creations that will impact every corner of the globe and every sector of the economy.

Financial Services

What it is all about: Creating and implementing groundbreaking solutions that range from apps to risk analysis, for clients including 92 of financial institutions in the Global Fortune 100.

Health & Public service

What it is all about: Working with clients to improve services we all depend on... From the back office to the doctor’s office, from cybersecurity to public safety


What it is all about: Generating growth, optimizing costs and improving efficiency for 9 of the top 10 global retailers, 21 of the top 25 consumer goods companies, and all the top 10 pharmaceutical companies


What it is all about: Devising and delivering digital solutions for the top 50 Energy companies, top 10 Natural Resources companies, 17 of the top 20 Utilities and eight of the top 10 Chemicals companies


Preaching agile all the way

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Next destination: passport-free flying

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Reinventing customer service

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Fast-paced agile portfolio management

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Design and deliver custom digital solutions for world-class clients

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Help organizations build resilient security from the inside out

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Transform business with emerging technologies like AI and Blockchain

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'Operations' delivers business processes and infrastructure as a service

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Shape the strategy and future of global brands using deep business insights

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Corporate Functions

Corporate Functions enable Accenture to conduct its business and reach its goals

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