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What is the Liquid Studio?

The Liquid Studio is our hub at which we co-create with clients to bring innovation to life - and this hub is more than just putting up some sticky notes. We thrive by experimenting, failing, and adapting through new technologies to offer clients a perfect solution. At the Accenture Liquid Studio, we never see limitations - we see challenges, opportunities, and adventures! We get a thrill from complexity and making the impossible possible - that is what drives us. The sky is the limit! Through a diverse range of partnerships, we combine ideas, collaborate, and learn at an incredibly fast pace. The frequent recurrence of failure is at the core of our thriving innovative process. Our work will empower you to jump into new areas like IoT and Blockchain, helping you transcend outdated mindsets, upskill your workforce, and pivot into tomorrow, today. We are here to brainstorm, kick start, and transform your business.

"In today's world, you're either innovating—or you're out of business. Learn how to build applications with speed and agility to fast-track your future".

Why join the Liquid Studio?

We have an incredibly connected community. Something we are very proud of. Regardless of the projects you are working on, each Friday we return to Utrecht to reconnect and share all our project experiences. That's the beauty of the liquid studio, as we remain connected, we are able to comfortably share our new ideas regardless of your position or experience. Nurturing an incredibly open and innovative business environment. To be successful, you need to understand where your client is in their innovation journey. Together we brainstorm with our teams about how we can translate the latest technological breakthroughs into interesting new projects. We deliver, and we deliver fast! By working in short agile sprints, we turn inspiring concepts into tangible solutions in days, rather than months. The team consists of hard workers and problem solvers who are focused on producing results, not excuses.

We explore, apply and deliver accordingly - to create successful client work through:

  • The continuous running of at least 10 parallel prototypes.
  • Developing new IT services.
  • Executing research to explore new technologies.

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Meet the team!

Piotr Zaitev

I was fascinated by the variety of projects, opportunities and technologies. I enjoy the possibility of experimenting with cutting edge technologies, being a part of challenging but impressive projects, and an amazing community.

Youri de Koster

Liquid Studio is the part of Accenture where People and Technology really come together. All the aspects of entrepreneurship, digitization, engineering, innovation, and organization transformations are part of our daily operations! Be Different. Together. Greater than Ever!

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Bas Du Pre

I love the feeling of a community within the Liquid Studio. On Fridays everyone is in the office sharing experiences and bouncing ideas off of each other.

Melissa Cheung

Liquid Studio is a unique place where you can explore, experiment and discover what new technologies can do. And, with our enthusiastic Liquid Studio engineers, we co-create with our clients and realize new tech concepts rapidly!

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Paolo Cittadini

I joined the Liquid Studio because I felt that it is a true engineering hub - focused on end to end delivery.

Covering new IT and beyond

The Liquid Studio is home to people who are curious and are full of energy. We like to color outside of the lines. We are developers, engineers, designers, and a bunch of other experts with a great sense of humor. But above all: we are a family of dreamers. We brainstorm, laugh, learn, inspire, and deliver awesome ideas and solutions together. We put people first and value real relationships. We are all about working hard and having a lot of fun along the way and we are looking for people who like to discover new technologies that enable innovation. Join us now and start an exciting career at the Liquid Studio!

  • We stay ahead
  • We love a challenge 
  • We are a family
  • We don't walk, we run

Please check out some of the demo's we have available at our Liquid Studio that we use to bring innovations to life with our clients:

Working with new tech

Brain computer interface (BCI)

Uses machine & deep learning. The BCI is able to use brain waves to move virtual objects based on certain commands.


A look into Microsoft's ‘mixed reality’ using multiple sensors, advanced optics, and holographic processing: to blend the real with the virtual world. Capable of interacting with the real world through hand coordination and speech commands.

NAO robot

A robot designed to interact with humans through verbal and non-verbal interactions. Equipped with a voice interface, cameras, and multiple sensors and motors to produce intelligent dialogue and advanced motion techniques.

Deeplens Sentiment Recognition

The Deeplens integrates a cloud-native system to recognize customer emotions through facial recognition - powered by machine and deep learning.

Smart Plant

A device that monitors the living condition of a plant, measuring: humidity, light intensity, and temperature via sensor data. Through cloud processing, the device receives commands to maintain a healthy plant.

Magic Mirror

This mirror can recognize your face, show your agenda, and report back on the number of coffees you had this week - all based on voice commands. It can also show the weather update of your location, some quick news flashes, and do other simple tasks like playing a YouTube video or a song on Spotify.